Poop in my pocket

May 17th 2021

so one of my chickie ladies decided it was OK to let me hold her so as I stand there with her under my arm patting her and talking nice to her I suddenly feel something hit my pocket, warm & … read more
Oops!  We are locked in!

Oops! We are locked in!

May 17th 2021

So tonight my husband decided that it was time to put the little ducklings in the chicken coop, in the dog crate to keep them safe from the chickens. the holes in the crate are bigger than the ducks, … read more
You get what you ask for!

You get what you ask for!

Posted by Candy on Jan 31st 2021

We are an all organic hands on farm! We take pride in each and everyone of our plants I had the pleasure of being one of the carriers of the backpack sprayer. It’s about 50 pounds when full. … read more
Growing  CBG Hemp

Growing CBG Hemp

Posted by Candy on Dec 15th 2020

Fun story about a special couple of plants we grew this season. So there was this little seed that almost didn’t make it he fell out of the cup as i was checking the cup for growing our not … read more