About Us

Owners Jonathan & Candy Inbody, took a leap of Faith and turned a Dream into Reality!
Jonathan was born and raised in Southern Oregon, where he was well aware of the area's reputation for growing superior plants.

After caring for Candy's mom who passed away from Alzheimer's, as well as witnessing several friends and family battling Cancer, the couple dove into research on how hemp has proven to benefit peoples health!
With a passion for the outdoors and gardening, the couple dove into creating an All Organic Hemp Farm!

The couple moved from Candy's home town in Idaho, returning to Oregon

With the help and support of family & Friends, "Naked Farms" is a Thriving business supporting the local community and our nation, with top quality CBG hemp products

The physical and mental benefits of working the farm, has deepened their love for farming and the serenity of farm life.

Hemp Healthy!